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Bad Boys Club

Bad Boys Club

Released on 02/20/1984

John 11" Davenport stars in this pre-condom feature along side crowd favorite Kevin Williams. It seems there's a new sex club opening up in town and everybody (and their brother) are itching to get in. Hell, with members like Davenport, Williams, Tony Marino and Eric Radford, you'd have to be nuts not to join.

Scenes From Bad Boys Club

Bad Boys Club - Scene 1

Released: 02/20/1984

Starring: Kevin Williams

Categories: Cameron Leight, Catalina, Scenes

Length: 11:00

Description: John Davenport and Bruce Weiler spy on gorgeous blond twink Kevin Williams jacking off in the woods!

Bad Boys Club - Scene 2

Released: 02/20/1984

Starring: Bruce Weiler, John Davenport

Categories: Cameron Leight, Catalina, Pre-Condom

Length: 11:15

Description: John Davenport teaches skinny twink Bruce Weiler the joys of man to man sex! Bruce takes his first huge10 inch cock like a champ!

Bad Boys Club - Scene 3

Released: 02/20/1984

Starring: John Davenport, Mike Henson

Categories: Cameron Leight, Catalina, Jock

Length: 13:00

Description: Mike Henson and John Davenport suck and fuck in a bathhouse! John only bottomed once on film and this is it!

Bad Boys Club - Scene 4

Released: 02/20/1984

Starring: Kevin Williams, Steve Ross

Categories: Cameron Leight, Catalina, Jock, Pre-Condom

Length: 13:00

Description: Two cum-starved young twinks suck and fuck in the steamy sauna! A rare flip-flop scene from gorgeous blond super-bottom Kevin Williams!

Bad Boys Club - Scene 5

Released: 02/20/1984

Starring: John Tanner, Todd Cox, Tony Marino

Categories: Cameron Leight, Catalina, Jock

Length: 11:00

Description: Two insatiable jocks get it on in the gym shower and then the janitor joins the piggy threeway!

Bad Boys Club - Scene 6

Released: 02/20/1984

Starring: Eric Radford

Categories: Cameron Leight, Catalina, Jock

Length: 07:30

Description: Smooth and hung jock Eric Radford beats his huge meat into a creamy mess!


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