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They Grow 'em Big
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They Grow 'em Big


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They Grow 'em Big

Studio: Catalina Video

Director: John Travis

Cast: Steve Ross, Dean Chasen, Eric Manchester, Eric Radford, Jay Hawkins, T.J. Stryker, Tom Brock, and Vladimir Correa

Synopsis: .John Travis (Powertool) Directs this feature about some hot and horny cowboys getting "down" on the farm.  Manly Stud Tom Brock leads this cast of 1980's stars including Eric Manchester, & T.J. Stryker.  Ranch chores take a back seat when these "Ranch-Whores" get a-hunger-ing for some USDA choice!

Keywords: Pre Condom, Daddies, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Group, Jock