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Grand Slam: Little Big League 4
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Grand Slam: Little Big League 4


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Grand Slam: Little Big League 4

Studio: All Worlds Video

Director: Doug Jeffries

Cast: Bobby Rail, Brenn Wyson, Brent Everett, Buddy Davis, Casey Monroe, Jake Lyons, Jason Pitt, Jimmy Durano, Kayden Hart, Micah Jones, Parker Brookes, Tony Douglas, and Tucker Vaughn

Synopsis: The boys are back on the field playing with their balls, bases loaded and bats high in the air! Brent Everett returns to the series in this fourth installment from director Doug Jeffries that features the most beautiful young men of this generation of gay porn. The most successful twink series of all time, "Grand Slam" is the most cum drenched to date!

Keywords: Rimming, Twinks, Jockstrap, Fetish, Blow Job, Masturbation, Uniforms, Caucasian, Group, Young, Jock, Shower