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Steven Daigle XXXposed


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Steven Daigle XXXposed

Studio: Rascal Video

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Jeremy Bilding, Brandon Lewis, Johnny Hazzard, Josh Griffin, Jimmy Durano, Paul Wagner, Steven Daigle, and Slade

Synopsis: From reality television celebrity to gay porn star, “Steven Daigle XXXposed!” takes you on the erotic journey that has been the sexy Southern cowboy’s leap from small screen to blue screen. Raw, uncensored, never before seen footage of Steven Daigle combined with the directorial brilliance of the multi-award winning Chi Chi LaRue makes this a movie unlike anything ever produced in gay adult cinema. An epic that blurs the lines of fantasy and reality, it’s hard to know where one begins and the other ends as Steven finds himself caught in the center of the gay porn world with the hottest boys in the biz all wanting a piece of him. A voyeur’s dream come true, “Steven Daigle XXXposed!” gets you an all access pass to the most private parts of TV’s hottest bad boy buckaroo.
More Info: XXXPosedVideo.com

Review from gay.fleshbot.com

Former "Big Brother" Contestant Steven Daigle Is Going To Be A Huge Fucking Pornstar

We just watched reality TV's gay cowboy in his first movie "Steven Daigle XXXPosed" and we're even more excited about it than we thought possible. Not only is he delicious, he's a truly amazing performer.

That's the thing that you can never really predict with pornstars. No matter how hot they look in their photos or on the box cover, some guys just lie there on screen like dead fish. Not Daigle. Maybe it's his past in front of the camera or maybe it's something inside him, but this kid knows how to put on a show—and take a dick!

In ChiChi LaRue's movie for Channel 1 Releasing, we first see Daigle getting busy with Jeremy Bilding and Jimmy Durano in a gay club bathroom. The scene is filmed entirely with a hand-held camera that is controlled by one of the actors throughout the action. This is something we've seen more and more, and it's quite effective here. We get to see Daigle do what we want him to do, but it seems more voyeuristic, more amateur in a really perversely exciting way. Thanks to this trick, when we see him in the final scene, filmed more traditionally, it's like we haven't really seen him in porn yet. It's like having two debut scenes!

After that a bit of story takes over. ChiChi plays herself trying to film a porn movie and Josh Griffin's scene partner has canceled. Cut to Johnny Hazzard (now with a hipster mustache that is giving us a whole new appreciation for an old Fleshbot Crush Object), who is giving his famous cock to Paul Wagner. Next we see another porn scene with Slade and Brandon Lewis getting it on in a classroom. Delicious, but honestly, we were just using it as a fluffer to get us to the final reel.

We knew there would be more Daigle, and that's what we were waiting for. Strikingly handsome, with a cut body, and a dick made for munching, he fits right into the world of porn. This guy didn't get a pass because of his mainstream credentials—he's the real deal. And did we mention he can take a cock? He's the replacement for Josh Griffin who puts all his muscle behind a piston pounding that is very fun to watch. Daigle screams for more and mugs for the cameras. Unlike other first timers who freeze or get quiet, he knows what he wants and he's going to have fun having it.

He's already filming more, and we can't wait to watch. This isn't just a stunt to sell a bunch of DVDs, this is the launching of what could be a long and fruitful career.

Keywords: Group, Caucasian, Blow Job