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Daddy It Hurts
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Daddy It Hurts


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Daddy It Hurts

Studio: Catalina Video

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Alessio Romero, Alexander Greene, Aron Ridge, Cole Harvey, David Chase, Ricky Larkin, Rock, and Spencer Reed

Synopsis: DADDY IT HURTS continues a long tradition of hot videos from legendary Catalina Video. Exploring the topic of "daddy and son" relationships, the movie fits in seamlessly alongside the rest of the fabled Catalina library.

This highly sexual film stars gay porn superstar, Spencer Reed and explores the taboo topic of "daddy and son" relationships. Spencer takes a cast of stars and new favorites through their paces; including Aron Ridge, David Chase, and Alessio Romero, all cumulating in a spectacular boy-man orgy that will have you blowing buckets.